Matt Cutts says Bing is Barry Bonds (not in the good way)

There is a cat fight going on about Bing and Google search results.  If you don’t know about here is one long post and you could either Google or Bing it.

Today Mr. Matt Cutts, all things search, at Google responded to the debate.  Here is my favorite quote.

But an asterisk that says “we don’t know how much of this win came from Google” does a disservice to everyone.  I think Bing’s engineers deserve to know that when they beat Google on a query, it’s due entirely to their hard work. Unless Microsoft changes its practices, there will always be a question mark. – Matt Cutts

To me this is has parallels to the baseball steroid era, hence Barry Bonds title, or Lance Armstrong always being questioned about his performance.   If you don’t want people to gossip then get tested or at least be transparent.  If you get caught, you got caught and you should clean up your act.  I like the idea of Bing cutting out Google clicks as a “signal” and it would clear the air a bit but it assumes that it is not a major factor in their index.  Bing is in a tough spot because if they do nothing they will always be suspected but if they change it and their results degrade then they have a worse product.  Obviously if they can sand alone and be successful they should do this but why would they have bother sniffing Google in the first place.  Ah the Internet remains a tangled web.

For a little bit of fun, Colbert on Bing.


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