PayPal now redeeming air miles

Did you ever lose air miles?  or have trouble finding how a good place to go during the blackout dates?  Well Paypal has given you a new out through

Airline customers who are frustrated with blackout dates, and the lack of availability of rewards redemption options can now get their money quickly into their PayPal account and then spend the money the way they’d like. Purchase a ticket with cash from your PayPal account, or buy whatever you’d like on the internet, wherever PayPal is accepted.

Airlines are struggling and charging fees left and right but they haven’t taken away the miles concept because it is one of the only things that you get for loyalty in this search engine / price comparison world.  The impact won’t be on the airlines as people will fly wherever they fly and get the miles for free upgrades or free flights as they normally would.  The problem is if you run a redemption mall or a something else that converts points into something other than air plane tickets.  Paypal creates a fluid mechanism for converting one type of value into another, in this case miles.  How long till somebody converts air miles into Facebook credits?

If I have extra miles and I want to buy something I am pretty sure that I won’t get the crappy clock radio in Skymall when I can go on E-bay and get something for 30%.  Needless to say this program makes it very easy to find something that I actually want to buy with my points.  That being said it isn’t everywhere that I can get a Harry Potter authentic Wand, unless I do an E-Bay site search…


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