Zynga/Farmville TKOs Soap Operas All My Children/One Life to Live

If you were ever sick from school before cable existed you probably watched one of these shows.  Today that experience is no longer available as this week two long running drama shows have been canceled.

Bottom line they have lost their viewing audience and they networks have decided that they can produce something that will get the same viewer share at lower cost.  My guess is that the total viewer share will continue to decline as apps, game and on demand content continue to proliferate.  Zynga is probably the single largest influence on the overlapping demographic and will benefit from the advertising dollars that are now available.  I am sure that their team has already called all of the major players and thought of a few ways to create an engaging experience inside their games.  That or they will just ask users for the cash directly and do a Susan Luchi branded purple cow special for new users.

Not a lot to say here strategically but another nail in the coffin of one industry and I would say we are probably no worse off as a society for the death of the daily soaps.


About svmoneyball

A lifelong student of silicon valley. I also tend to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.
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