It’s not the hardware that makes your smart phone smart!

I have two things to talk about today.

1) I got a new phone for our upcoming launch of Bankons @Finovate on May 10th.  I will admit that I am just now starting to see the power of my HTC Thunderbolt and I am not sure how I feel about having  a phone that is arguably better than my computer two generations ago.

2) Google just released a study talking about smart phones and purchasing habits.  Here is the RRW write-up.

Lots of implications about how people are addicted to their smart phones but a few statistics as well.  While Google is highly biased to enable all things search and therefore enable mobile AdSense much of the report reads true.  People are more likely to browse the web than use a native app.  My opinion is that this will vary by behavior as taking a picture or playing games are much better experiences when done in a stand alone app.

For shopping the implication that 68% of people visited a business online or in person because of a smartphone search is a powerful one.  Did you as a business get involved as that user initiated an action?  Seems like a good time to create some influence.

Again I think that Google is making their AdSense case but that will only be one type of engagement.  If you think about the early days of the web banner ads started strong and clip through rates dropped over time.  Will Google get away with just doing the same thing?  What is going to be the next evolution of influence and engagement on mobile?


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A lifelong student of silicon valley. I also tend to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.
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