Bankons Finovate Spring moment…

This week we took Bankons into the light and showed the world what we think the merchant, FI and customer experience can be.  I can not say enough good things about the whole Finovate experience.

Eric may come off on videos as the big stage MC, but I can tell you he cares deeply about the companies and industry.  He was very involved on our pre-show calls and helping us out all along the way.  After reading NetBanker for a long time, meeting Jim was a personal pleasure.  He was always a smiling face at the show and his energy is infectious.  Bottom line is the whole staff did an amazing job, from helping us sort out last minute logistics when we realized that there wasn’t a middle stage for our sign spinner to bringing me a bite to eat as we were slammed at the booth, and finally helping us coordinate logistics at the end of the show.

Official tradeshow video coming soon but here is Nikko’s demo video for those who saw him.

There are many people to thank for everything that went into our launch, but I want to give a special note to the whole Bankons team for all of the hard work.  Our Finovate moment came when we were 6 deep at the booth after our 7 minutes and I was doing a rapid-fire panel Q&A session with a card issuer executive, a local credit union CEO, and a top 5 bank marketing executive, and they were nodding their heads with big smiles as they asked the same set of questions.  I realized that up until then my Silicon Valley VC-instilled fears about the fintech industry were not going to be a problem.  Most VCs shudder when they hear a business that involves healthcare or fintech SaaS as they want to back a consumer business.  The people at the show made it very clear that the fintech industry is ready to take advantage of the amazing technology that is out there.  They know that the time is ripe for major disruption and change.  The forward thinkers are ready for real-time interaction with customers and can see an endless set of possibilities through what we and others are doing.

Two closing things as you learn more about me/us @Bankons.

1. Just under one year ago on a lark I posted this video on YouTube using Google’s “Search On” Parisian Love campaign to mark the beginning of Bankons.  A lot has happened and I wouldn’t change a thing, we have big ideas over here…

2. My daughter with our hardware after we won Best in Show at Finovate. Somehow her smile embodies everything about this week as we get ready to take on the next steps in the adventure.


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A lifelong student of silicon valley. I also tend to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.
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4 Responses to Bankons Finovate Spring moment…

  1. Danny says:

    So excited to see what is going to come of BankOns. Congrats on your Finovate experience!

  2. LR says:

    Congrats to you and team on flying past this milestone at top speed! And wow, is that kiddo cute or what?!

  3. svmoneyball says:

    Thanks both of you, big week for sure. Kiddo is cuter with a few teeth and more personality these days.

  4. corinski12 says:

    Congratulations! Also, that is the cutest freakin picture! She is so adorable!

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