The official Starbucks payments app finally hits Android

In the world of tech sometimes things happen in ways that one company would never have expected.  When Starbucks launched an iPhone app I doubt that the PM in charge or EVP of Marketing would have expected somebody to successfully write and launch a version for Android before they could.  Well it happened and was quite popular, here is the app and some press, press2.

The Coffee Card had between 50-250K downloads and even more shocking the paid version had between 5-10K at $1.99.

Today Starbucks finally launched an app on the Android Market which is the good news, bad news is that I couldn’t load a card.  I will try it again tomorrow but I will say that the single developer’s app just worked out of the box.

My guess is that they are either getting overloaded or something that is not core to functionality is breaking.  Bottom line do whatever you are going to do well and you get one chance to make a first impression.


About svmoneyball

A lifelong student of silicon valley. I also tend to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.
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