Mobile Field Testing Part II

Another day and another field test.  This time Pancho Villa in San Mateo for lunch, same scoring, zero to two for each question.

  • Zero total customer fail
  • Two points for a “moment of delight”
  • One point for everything in between

Pancho Villa

Experience: Had a Google Offer that was expiring on 1/24.  (Side note: anybody notice a theme of expiring deals that I bought at some point and then never used?  This drives my behavior way more than some of the other things I see.)  Ordered easily but then walked up to cash register to pay.  I had my phone out a long burrito line behind me and figured that this would be quick.  They had 3 different electronic loyalty systems available with QR codes so I figured there was no way that training was going to be an issue.  Turns out that I was wrong and became the check guy in the old signature debit ads.  Clerk walked over to grab a phone to scan the barcode and failed.  I noticed that she was using a Groupon merchant app and when I mentioned, “this is Google” she went and grabbed another phone and loaded Google Merchant.  Again the scan failed so she 10 keyed the code and we were good.  Whole process took 10x as long as cash, which I used anyway to pay the remaining $1.50.  Auto-tipped the change just because I felt bad.  I got a laugh from the lady behind me when I apologized for holding up the line.

Moments for improvement: Lots of moments for improvement, clearly quick serve should not have two forms of payment, ie cash and coupon.  Impressed that they solved the employee training / security issue with two phones but clumsy solution for sure.  They may have been located somewhere else for security or because they needed charging.  Either way this could be better.  Overall not bad given the amount of time as the staff knew what to do and the discount worked.

Score: 5 (Mechanism 1, Speed 0, Cross Sell 1, Knowledge 2, Overall 1).  Got what I wanted and cheap but total fail in terms of speed.

Getting a universal digital wallet solution in market is no small task.  These guys are clearly early adopters and have all kind of phone loyalty, payment and offers stuff for their store but the complexity caused them to fail.  If you are going to try stuff do tests and then simplify for the staff.

Free business idea, universal redemption management app for merchants on an iPad.   You could call it a Point of Sale but it might be enough to just manage loyalty.  Justyn at Sprout Social you listening?


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