Safeway Mobile App moves into clouds

I have been waiting for the day that Safeway puts all of the pieces together for a good mobile experience.  I will admit that I was shocked when they put together a great mobile experience.  It is nice to see an older company take big steps to move into modern technologies and at the end of the day have a good experience.

In my journey through coupons & offers I chatted with folks from Safeway & Catalina Marketing, who manage the manufacturer coupons at Safeway.  Not that many years ago they would send a batch file of your personal offers to the store you shopped at regularly so that printed coupons could be given to after checkout via tape machines.  Pretty cool because they were tailored to you but arcane from a technology perspective.

Fast forward through their upgrade to multi-store and real time printer coupons to the current mobile app.  Here are a few screen shots and a link to a good article.


I will say that the notifications are “native” and that the information is relevantly shown at the right time, such as how many coupons I have loaded this session. In addition the clipping button transitioned to be “Add to List” which is ideal so I know what I want to shop for later and the UI changed the button color which was smooth. Lastly there was even a nice “moment of delight” with a playful animation of the coupon moving onto your card while it shrinks.  This alone made me want to click more.

A few minor missed opportunities:

  • Could have made me an advocate by mailing me a free re-useable Safeway bag when I downloaded the app so I would tell people.
  • Not grouping by expiration date seems like a miss but that might just be me.
  • Giving me a shared list functionality would be good for my household
  • Any basic social sharing tools if I love something

I assume that these things will come in a version 2.0 and again nothing about this app is “broken” as I was impressed by flows and design.  A final “well done” to the folks at Safeway and I am sure that Trader Joe’s will get a few less visits from me.


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