Rant about QR codes

On a recent flight I saw most ads had a QR code.  Now let’s remember that I am on a plane that specifically asks me to turn off my phone for most of the duration.  There are 3 times that I might have my phone out.

  1. Before take off when I am likely to be doing something relevant to my life outside of the plane till we take off. (1% of the time)
  2. Flying when I am not allowed to be connected to the Internet.* (98% of the time)
  3. After landing when I am likely to be checking email or calling somebody. (1% of the time)

Notably the 98% of the time which is the only time that I might pick up the magazine to look at the ads.  If you are placing and ad in an inflight magazine please don’t bother with a QR code.  I am not going to take the time before or after the flight to scan it.  You are wasting space and annoying my eyes.

*If the flight has inflight wi-fi this does not apply.


About svmoneyball

A lifelong student of silicon valley. I also tend to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.
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