Big thought to start 2013 – Google cars & my future

Okay so it is a combination of New Year’s resolution to blog again and just having a few moments of free thinking to make what might be an interesting observation.  Saw a great article on Larry Page in CNN with the leading commentary around Google X driverless cars.Larrycar

It made me think about my habits of media the next morning and I realized that 90% of my Twitter usage was while I was on Bart at the beginning of the day and at the end.  During vacation it went to near zero but not because I wasn’t doing/thinking about work.  It was almost entirely due to the fact that my free time in the morning on Bart has the following priority:

  1. Work email
  2. Personal email
  3. Twitter feed
  4. ESPN

All of the above are on my homepage.  Of course it can be interrupted by a random to do that I want to get done this morning.  I recently downloaded Kaiser’s mobile app and I have found that I dealt with a nagging doctor question while on Bart which was a win since I kept forgetting.  I can see a world where an IFTTT or EasilyDo would prompt me to pick up a postponed task during my BART time.

Either way the Google car connection was that if people who didn’t use BART today started using driverless cars they would be able to have the same “free time”.


Would they consume more Twitter, maybe maybe not but I bet that they would spend a non-trivial amount of time on Google products so it is likely ROI positive.

Everybody talks about safety and social good with the Google cars project but running the OS for all “car time” is a huge eyeball opportunity.  Can’t wait to read the Mary Meeker stats in 2017.

I guess not a huge thought at the end of the day but trying to make sure that I start 2013 with an open mind and awareness of what is going on around me after a crazy year of change for me professionally in 2012.  Here’s to pushing the envelope for 365 days this year, Happy New Year!


About svmoneyball

A lifelong student of silicon valley. I also tend to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.
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