I believe that the most successful people in the Silicon Valley and life in general are the ones who can recognize and capitalize on an evaluation system that is out of whack.   They not only see when/what change is coming but can line up all of the pieces to build something new or better than what was the old normal.  Warren Buffett is often cited as investing when others are fearful but I prefer Billy Beane’s thesis.  He personally shifted the way that all of baseball thinks about value.

“It’s all about evaluating skills and putting a price on them.” – Billy Beane

I started a company, BankOns, which was founded on trying to take advantage of rapidly changing technology and market forces by leveraging this and other modern theories.  The blog has been evolving into thoughts about advertsizing, payments, connected devices and how technology is changing my life.   When I started blogging my views usually start with a mentality behind the phrase “Silicon Valley Moneyball”, welcome to my blog.  Bankons was acqui-hired by Capital One and this is a place that I will continue to post my random views on technology trends.

PS.  The photo is rock climbing because when I entered “money pitch” in Google image search I found out that was the hardest part of a climbing route.  Sometimes things just work out like that so I went with it.


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